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Synonyms for wire

Synonyms for wire

ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc

the finishing line on a racetrack

a message transmitted by telegraph

provide with electrical circuits

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with wire

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string on a wire

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equip for use with electricity


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We always knew this was going to be one of the tightest Six Nations and go down to the wire.
It definitely looks like it's going to go down to the wire.
Forcing Aetna to send patients notices that they would no longer be covered for care rendered by Aetna, last two have been negotiated right down to the wire.
Sometimes, the quality might not be there but you can never fault us for effort because we really want to keep this club in the Premier League and will fight down to the wire.
I think it will go down to the wire and hopefully we have enough to win the league.
READING V SWANSEA MATCH PREVIEW PAGE 119 REACHING FOR THE SUMMIT IT'S been dubbed the pounds 90m match, with Premier League status the prize for Reading or Swansea at Wembley today, and bookmakers believe the battle for the big time could go down to the wire.
And, in a battle predicted to go down to the wire, Ferguson said: "The goal difference helps us, there is no doubt about that.
The battle that has been raging over immigration is headed down to the wire.
An improvement in that area could see the race for the league flag going right down to the wire again.
They seem only to study for tests or write papers when things are down to the wire.
Giggs added: "I'm sure the neu go down to the wire, but if Arsenal come to Old Trafford needing to pick up points against us Wenger's confidence will come back to haunt him.
With the presidential race coming down to the wire and deadlines looming, many papers, including the Post-Dispatch, went to bed prematurely declaring
1) made (false) catastrophic predictions; 2) tried "consciously to subvert the democratic process and the will of the people by trying to persuade the Senate in Ottawa to block constitutional change that had been approved by Newfoundland and the House of Commons"; 3) led a (subversive) court challenge to what had been approved by the Newfoundland legislature and by the two Houses of Parliament; 4) lacked "good faith" when the government made "one compromise after another" (John Gray, "Newfoundland referendum down to the wire again," pages A1 and 12).
We knew this was going to come down to the wire, but when freezer space is at a premium, only one can rise to the top.
MERSEY Tigers head coach Tony Garbelotto expects tonight's derby clash with Cheshire Jets to go down to the wire.