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The lad struck his head on the wall near the beauty parlour and was flung 20 yards down the road towards the viaduct.
Three months ago I took photos and wrote a letter of complaint to our local councillor, while doing this a resident in a mobility scooter came down the road and asked what I was doing.
He adds that down the road, the Bluesocket network also will connect to a wireless network designed to service the entire Muncie, IN community and provide up to 30 mbps of bandwidth to everyone who logs on.
I will be in hard fights down the road, but I'm not rushing my career.
Just down the road is Old Shamshatoo, an Afghan refugee settlement started more than 15 years ago.
You smile, he smiles back, the light turns green, and he heads on down the road.
We see operating these plants down the road as kind of merchant plan in the overall scheme of things.
Down the road, the WUSA hopes to expand to 12 or 14 teams.
Computer simulations now suggest that at moderate traffic volumes when vehicle flow should be relatively stable, a single car moving at randomly fluctuating speeds within a steady stream of traffic can by itself create waves of congestion that propagate down the road behind it.
Since all current stock valuations are based upon advertising or licensing revenues that lie decades down the road, GM could see its stock price quadruple overnight once it is no longer fettered by earnings.
So imagine my delight when Jack responded, "We're headed to California, specifically Palo Alto, you know, just down the road from Silicon Valley.
The bottom line is that hospitals "think system," and when they see managed care capitation coming down the road, they know that they have to have control of that system.
These horizontal loops represent peer groups -- the mail room, the plant down the road, the computer programmers, employees with less than two years' service, female employees, the sweepers on the second shift or the Haitians whose English is a second language.
Down the road from West Liberty, Kentucky (which is a good distance east of Liberty), past Index and Grassy Creek, the champion grows on the tobacco and cattle farm of Bert and Barbara Lawson.
com - to communicate seamlessly to enterprise as well as allow Redcat to quickly launch new web sites and business lines down the road.