down payment

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Synonyms for down payment

a partial or initial payment


Synonyms for down payment

a partial payment made at the time of purchase

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PVI Agency, LLC dba ValueInsured, is the only provider of down payment protection for modern homebuyers, giving them greater control, confidence and flexibility in a volatile real estate market -- all for the cost of a lunch per month.
All these programmes come without any down payments, except for the pre-order fee which is deducted from the value of the first installment.
Jakarta/Singapore: Some Indonesian multi-finance companies are accepting lower down payments on loans in response to a lowering of minimum requirements since mid-2015.
The study found that the average down-payment-assistance amount was lower than what was needed for a 3 percent down payment on a median-priced home in 91 of the 513 markets.
We believe these matching down payment assistance grants will add up to make a huge difference for hundreds of people and families who want to own a home.
But since the median value of a home in Denver is $313,800, a 20% down payment equaled $62,760, a 10% down payment was $31,380 and even a 3% down payment for a loan with Federal Housing Administration insurance equaled $9,414.
The weighted average down payment percentage has held fairly steady between about 13 and 16 percent over the past decade.
While it's no doubt an added cost, it enables buyers to purchase now and begin building equity versus waiting five to 10 years to build enough savings for a larger down payment.
He also submitted that the railway allegedly in violation of procurement regulatory authority directions had authorised Rs 15 million as down payment to the blacklisted company.
As part of today's debate about whether renting or owning makes more financial sense, analysts must carefully consider the real numbers when comparing rent rates to mortgage payments by factoring in down payments.
The payment solution sees a Corolla buyer, for example, pay as low as 999AED as down payment and a 999AED monthly payment for the next 24 months.
In hindsight, lenders may have underestimated the benefits of a sizeable down payment during the housing boom of the last decade.
According to rules put in place in late 2008, borrowers who put a 20 to 25 percent down payment on a home are classified as the riskiest class of borrower because they're not required to take out private mortgage insurance.
From down payment assistance plans to credit workshops, home buying initiatives are sprouting up everywhere.