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understood perfectly


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The food is fantastic and this franchise concept has service down pat on a sports bar that offers more than the rest whether youCre with family or friends, co-workers or teammates.
The roads around the lake were surprisingly easy to navigate; this late in the season, everyone seemed to have the winter parking ban rules down pat, and residents shoveled snow off their walks and around their cars into neat little piles, right next to the neatly stacked tree branches left over from the December ice storm.
I had my game plan down pat, just mis-cued one and got caught.
But boy does the Irish thesp have the legendary king's passion down pat.
Writer-director Peter Tolan has glibness down pat, but can't quite wring the intended pathos from his characters' desperate lives.
She's battling her guilt over sleeping with her sister's on-off lover and mowing down Pat, and they're not the only problems she has to face.
seems to have the procedures for running successful open houses down pat.
As we get the offense down pat and the receivers get more confident, we'll go all-out.
I was so relieved that I wisecracked that if she kept up the practice she might get it down pat yet.
Before they understand anything about the function of the law, budding lawyers have the economics down pat.
I was about to replace him when suddenly he came to work after a long weekend and had the accent down pat - with none of the affectations.
You have the mechanics of the nollie down pat but have never taken one higher than six inches off the ground.
We thought we had it all down pat but, among other things, we underestimated the amount of seed money needed and how to satisfy the requirements of 200 golfers and tennis players.
Nudists, on the other hand, have got that part down pat.