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money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

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At the junction of Bromsgrove Road and Illey Lane a plaque has been erected as a reminder of the bygone Dowery Dell Viaduct.
Winner Mark Dowery fished Method feeder between the islands with dead maggot on the hook from peg 55 and tempted two good carp plus bream for a fine 58-10-0 bag, which put him well clear.
The way the two women, who founded Mantuleasa Church, on the land given to Stanca as dowery, remained in history--Maria as the strong woman who was probably in control and Stanca as the weak one, always being in the shadows--intrigued Rasuceanu and made her question the mechanisms of an age in which the widow would not enjoy the comfort and the protection of the family, but would be subjected to all sorts of abuses.
She hoped her cousin could convince her father to reduce the dowery and the cost of wedding because he could not afford to pay all these costs.
Speaking at his home, the 17th century six-bedroom Dowery House, Midlothian, Jardine's mother-in-law, said Jardine and wife Caroline, were 'devastated' at the collapse of the business.
Jeff Underwood, "Some Fear Alabama Paid Too Dear a Dowery to Woo Plant," The Birmingham News, 30 September 1993: 1.