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Synonyms for dower

Synonyms for dower

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for dower

money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

Related Words

a life estate to which a wife is entitled on the death of her husband

furnish with an endowment


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Dowers returned to the top step in the final, beating Davis, who recovered from seventh to be just over a second adrift and did enough to clinch the Dragon Challenge honours.
The Dowers both admitted causing unnecessary suffering to animals.
Dowers will manage the evaluation of NI 43-101 compliant and historical resources and establishment of addition resources at the proposed in-situ recovery (ISR) project.
The object database industry is clearly still emerging, but there is a strong need for the capabilities that the OSMOS object database provides -- support for complex data structures, high capacity, high throughput, scalability and database resiliency -- among many of our telecommunications customers," said Mike Dowers, OSMOS director of business development.
We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Snyder's to handle the Stella D'oro product in many of our core markets," said John Dowers, President and CEO of the Stella D'oro Company.
Starting the final, the top three were Matthew Dowers on pole, Nick Tamplin second and Dean Arthur third.
Peters president and chief operating officer Dale Dowers noted that Clark Wilson's market and its product line are an "excellent fit" with the J.
John Dowers has been named President and Chief Executive Officer.
Amex: CPH) announced today that Dale Dowers, its President, had resigned to pursue personal interests.
AMEX: CPH) accepted Hadi Makarechian's recommendation that Dale Dowers be named as the new Chief Executive Officer of CPH effective May 1, 1996.
Dale Dowers, president of the company, stressed in a statement that "this case is not a product of current management but rather a problem which we inherited when Mr.
Hadi Makarechian will continue to serve as the company's chairman and will assume the position of chief executive officer, while Dale Dowers will become president and continue as chief operating officer.
Makarechian has been appointed the new chairman of the board, Peters will retain the office of president and chief executive officer and Dowers has assumed the offices of executive vice president and chief operating officer.
is a newly formed company owned and managed by Hadi Makarechian and Dale Dowers as chairman and president, respectively.