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lacking a dowry

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Her words imply the existence of a private life completely withdrawn from external affairs, where Ansit once, a dowerless girl whom Bardia married for her beauty (146, Ch.
Pursuing the gratification of his own sexual appetite (he already has a wife), Suffolk manipulates the naive Henry VI into rejecting a diplomatically wise marriage already contracted, and into accepting Margaret instead--the dowerless daughter of the King of Naples and Jerusalem whose titles are politically and monetarily worthless.
There is no lack of spirit in this writing, maybe because he is writing about gentry fallen into poverty and troubles so that their class brutality has been humbled enough for him to pity them: Don Giovannino is sold up for debt, hiding his face for shame; Don Marco's fields are obliterated by lava pouring down from Etna; Don Piddu finds his dowerless daughter in the arms of a stable boy, and for a second sees his sick wife, magistrates, the police drowning in a "sea of blood?
As if in contrast, in another little lane outside, St Nicholas throws through a window a bag of gold apiece for three dowerless maidens.
rest in the threadbare brown merino of dowerless girls.
60) When at the end of the sixteenth century many patrician women found themselves dowerless and effectively disinherited, it must have been a cruel reminder of their status as pawns in the financial and social strategies of the casa.