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Synonyms for dower

Synonyms for dower

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for dower

money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

Related Words

a life estate to which a wife is entitled on the death of her husband

furnish with an endowment


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Dower contends that this mood shift has dragged the Asia-Pacific market forward five to 10 years, albeit kicking and screaming in some cases.
1956, you get was Dower bunk After basic to number for Suez, that back to a clerk Lance training, discipline and new experiences help provide qualities that remain with you for the rest of your life Doug Bragg
As per details of councils members, Sherin Taj, a female complainant filed a case at Gulberg police station against the relatives of her late husband who were reluctant to give her dower.
Mayor Rhys Lewis has announced the family of Dower, of Abercynon, who died at the age of 83 of Monday, will be asked to accept the freedom of the county borough accolade on the boxing champion's behalf.
She said that her former husband did not implemented high court's order for provision of dower.
The Dower House is a five bedroom detached home with large floor to ceiling windows which allow natural light to flow through both storeys.
The goal of our project is to look at how effective this curriculum is in helping kids learn about neuroscience, genetics, and nutrition," Dower says.
John Dower is a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor emeritus of modern Japanese history at MIT; Jacqueline Atkins is a curator of textiles emerita at the Allentown Art Museum; Anne Nishimura Morse has worked as senior curator of Japanese Art at the MFA for over twenty-five years; and Sharf is an independent historian, art collector, and MFA trustee.
The move, orchestrated by Steindler (who replaced the Arena Stage-bound Dower in 2007), offered Z Space a real home at last and a chance to put the organization on a sounder financial footing.
Though legal experts claim e-talaq is acceptable as per the Sharia if done in the presence of witnesses by showing that the dower (mehr) amount has been given to the wife, women can still hope for justice if they prove they were subjected to torture.
Dower, Funstuf's owner, after having been open a week at the business's new home on Massachusetts Avenue.
CRAYFORD Race 1 - Shirleyann; Race 2 - Tonetta Jack; Race 3 - Ballymac Dominic; Race 4 - Miss Spectacular; Race 5 - Malbay Becky; Race 6 - Backdoor Larry; Race 7 - Lordsbury York; Race 8 - Ryves Rock; Race 9 - Shaneboy Scilaci; Race 10 - Your Right; Race 11 - Buglys Sparky; Race 12 - Dower Vieri.
This collection of 11 essays by Pulitzer-Prize winning author Dower addresses Japan during and after WWII and into the present.
Mike Dower, senior vice president for Rutherfoord, a part of Marsh & McLennan Agencies and subsidiary of Marsh, made the observation during a webinar discussing international workforce issues, principally the Defense Base Act.
Dower brilliantly dissects how the cultures of war that the United States has engaged in since Pearl Harbor have resulted in the wrong "war of choice" and the disastrous occupation of Iraq.