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Synonyms for dower

Synonyms for dower

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for dower

money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

Related Words

a life estate to which a wife is entitled on the death of her husband

furnish with an endowment


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Dower told the participants that, instead of learning about Japanese nationalism, they should be much more worried about American nationalism, according to the participants.
The western Japanese prefecture, which sponsors the award, said Dower, 63, succinctly depicted postwar Japan and its people in his latest book, ''Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II,'' which also won the Pulitzer Prize in Letters for General Nonfiction.
As Dower notes, "Many of the customers that we will have in three years don't exist today.
Dower, who has studied Japan for some 40 years, said in the book that U.
Mr Dower details how the reforms promised equal rights to all regardless of background and gender, as well as the separation of state and religion.
2043(b), a relinquishment or promised relinquishment of dower or curtesy, or of a statutory estate created in lieu of dower or curtesy, or of other marital rights in the decedent's property or estate, will not be considered consideration in money or money's worth.
DOWER HOUSE caught the eye when winning at Epsom last time out and looks set to follow up in the 49's Handicap (4.
Based in Minneapolis, it designs, manufactures and markets external Dower conversion products for data and telecommunications equipment and related peripherals.
In addition to the extension of property rights, Islam reformed women's entitlement in marriage through an innovative dower system, whereupon the dower (mahr) was made the legal right of the woman, not her father.
26 The Puppy C will need t at the start w of Dower Matt Rocket in oppos have the legs o getting away o Laughing Gravy is shap-ing as though he may be best over a sharp four bends and David Pruhs' dog can beat a classy field in the 10.
Christopher, an associate at Spence and Dower Architects in Cambo in Northumberland, eventually tracked down the Walter Willson archive in Beamish Museum in County Durham.
Dower, Funstuf's owner, after having been open a week at the business's new home on Massachusetts Avenue.
This collection of ten essays on international law and custom examines the integration of the Muslim legal concept of Mahr, the direct gift of a valuable marriage dower to a bride, into the wider canon of European family law.