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a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together

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An alternative (some say better) method is to use a dowel pin and a "clamp-type" locating ring, such as DME # 6524 or # 6544, where a shoulder retains the perimeter of the bushing's 2-in.
The dowel pin design cannot be duplicated or altered to create a master key.
Results of the tests also indicate that in addition to dowel diameter, depth of penetration, and material properties, holding strength is significantly influenced by the amount of adhesive forced into the substrate surrounding the dowel (presumably, by hydraulic action as the dowel pin is forced into the hole).
With a 5-1b rawhide hammer in hand, the repair tech quickly sighted down the dowel pin in each cavity to its locating slot in the plate.
The stress is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the dowel pin.
Cam Shaft Brass Plate Cam Dowel Pin E-Clips , F Auxilliary Switch Mounting Plate, G Bracket For Special Screw, H Special Screw, I Rear Mounting Bracket For Auxiliary Switch.
Tenders are invited for Dowel Pin For Wag-9/Wap-7 And Wap-5 As Per Drg/Specn.
Tenders are invited for Spring Dowel Pin 10 X 60 To Escorts Drg No:40-317-13 2 Pt-9, Alt:Na.
These include split cotter pins, precision dowel pins, groove pins, spring tension pins, spiral pins (coiled spring pins) and taper pins.
With products such as bench clamps, saw guides for circular saws and mitre saws, as well as dowel pins and plugs and jig systems there is a lot in this Kreg range for woodworkers to dig their teeth into.
Correct orientation - dowel pins on primary nozzle must align with those on the propulsor.