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a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together

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Results of the tests also indicate that in addition to dowel diameter, depth of penetration, and material properties, holding strength is significantly influenced by the amount of adhesive forced into the substrate surrounding the dowel (presumably, by hydraulic action as the dowel pin is forced into the hole).
Before placing the upper body over the lower one, apply a thin coat of anti-seize to the dowel pins and place the shim stock on the die-lip surface of the lower body.
Other uses include stair rails and parts, dowel pins, dowels, tool handles, implements, drawing instruments and rulers.
Correct orientation - dowel pins on primary nozzle must align with those on the propulsor.
In the event of a break, the rod can be repaired simply and quickly by the user with the supplied rod ends or splices, and dowel pins.
ring gears, flywheels, half-shaft differentials), where dowel pins and locating sleeves are traditionally used.
The hardwood dowel pins were nominally 2 in long by 3/8-in diameter and included spiral grooves.
The dowel pins in the turret broke and needed to be replaced.
This allows for the use of larger dowel pins and a larger air cylinder.
Some better-made shutters utilize either dowel pins or mortise and tenon construction to hold horizontal pieces (rails) to vertical pieces (stiles).
But there's more -- built-in quiver attachments, anodized aluminum limb pockets with steel dowel pins, durable powder coat finish in Mossy Oak[R] Forest Floor,[TM] insulated grip, an integrated carbon cable guard, plus a new and improved accessories line.
Glentay, of Milton Keynes, has bought Triplex subsidiary Lloyd Coley of Solihull, which makes die sets and dowel pins.
To the left of the TV, two smaller glass shelves rest on dowel pins set in the wall.
Automatic propagation of plate parameter changes to the completed mold -- Transformation and/or duplication of components -- New part catalogs -- New components include shoulder screws, dowel pins, tabular dowel pins, lifting holes, conical interlocks and o-rings -- User defined preferences
com)-- Dowel Pins are cylindrical shaped straight metal pins with a centerless ground finish.