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Synonyms for dowdiness

having a drab or dowdy quality

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But for three women, the chance to swop glamour for grime and dress-sense for dowdiness is one they seized.
But when I realised that was never going to happen I got to enjoy the dowdiness.
In the case of Browse & Darby--a venerable venue that, as Camp himself remarks in the exhibition catalogue, "will always be thought of as Euan Uglow's gallery"-- those expectations are of something solid and measured like Uglow's paintings but rather distant from the concerns of most artists under fifty--in other words, something resembling a figurative tradition fallen into respectable dowdiness.
As a result, class sizes have risen and students' accessibility to their professors has declined, few new faculty members have been hired, regular professors have been replaced with sessional lecturers and teaching assistants, the number and variety of course offerings and degree programs have declined, library acquisitions have been cut, equipment has become increasingly obsolete, paint is peeling, and a general dowdiness pervades.
The narrator comments on Lady Mason's recognition of her powers, "Had she given way to dowdiness .
There is a dowdiness about many of the other attractions along what could be Liverpool's showcase street.
But has it never occurred to her that her very dowdiness and untidiness and genius for missing trains or getting on the wrong one, far from being an asset, was probably the major stumbling block in her career?
Troy still exudes many of the characteristics of a healthy American lifestyle, her brightness as yet undimmed by the dowdiness of Walford.
The Liverpool-born playwright Peter Schaffer believed: "We really like dowdiness in England.
Ironically, Jessica Lange - no stranger to screen dowdiness - bucked the 'no-make-up wins prizes' trend.