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Synonyms for dowdily

in a dowdy unfashionable manner

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Ditto to the dowdily galumphing dromedary with its root in dromad, Greek for swift.
I SAW the Fakenham incident replayed on Channel 4 and thought that, for once, Johnny Francome was being a bit severe on the jockeys, who were on a tight track, driving their horses neck and neck, with a flagman very close to the bend, dowdily attired and not centrally placed.
Douglas Dowdily, senior vice president, nonwovens, will be appointed to the newly created role of senior vice president, specialty fibers.
He also forced her to dress dowdily because he was jealous of other men' attention.
She was aged about 18 and dressed dowdily in a long black coat.
I'll be with some friends and then we're having a bit of a rowdily dowdily just to celebrate," he said.
They also feature Dreier herself, a stocky and dowdily dressed matron, posing in an elevator whose exterior the perennially waiflike and handsome Duchamp had painted--in an extraordinary and presumably ironic display of decorative sensibility--with a pattern of vine leaves to match the surrounding wallpaper.