dowager's hump

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abnormal spinal curvature that results when osteoporosis causes the spine to collapse

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First, it's important to understand what dowager's hump is and how it develops.
had told them that broken bones could be a sign of osteoporosis, the women were not as well informed about other possible consequences, including loss of height, dowager's hump, and disability or immobility.
The curl of her dowager's hump was so pronounced her head seemed to be attached to the front of her throat.
Christine says her mother had a dowager's hump, a symptom of osteoporosis, and she wonders now whether she also had coeliac disease.
They do say that it could be hereditary - my mother died 31 years ago and she had suffered from osteoarthritis but she had a classic dowager's hump.
Women don't have to end up with dowager's hump, the hallmark of osteoporosis," say lead investigator Dr.
We have farmer's lung, tennis elbow, jogger's nipple, athlete's foot, bird fancier's lung, waiter's palsy, writer's cramp, dowager's hump, yuppie flu and many others.
Gail Greendale, professor of medicine and geriatrics, had a yoga class designed for elderly women with hyperkyphosis, a curvature of the spine also known as dowager's hump.
There may be no warning of osteoporosis until afractureoccurs,althoughloss of height,backache, stooping posture and the appearance of the dowager's hump areindications.