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opposed to war

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Despite the positive European PMI releases on Monday, sentiment still remains somewhat bearish towards the Euro and following Mario Draghi's dovish stance towards the Eurozone economy last week, many are expecting the ECB to ease monetary policy before the end of the year.
After the dovish stand taken by the US Fed even the short-term investment-based hedge funds will find the Indian markets more attractive," Devendra Nevgi, chief executive of ZyFin Advisors, told IANS.
It added : "That being said, the trade may take time develop as the risks of an aggressively dovish statement are low given that 1) the RBA remains in a structural easing cycle (which delivers modest amounts of easing at any given time); 2) the RBA will have an eye on the potentially positive growth impact of lower petrol prices, lower AUD and lower rates; and 3) there has not been enough of a cyclical deterioration to warrant an aggressively an dovish statement.
The dovish US Fed minutes knocked the US Dollar, causing gold prices to bounce and equities to rise.
economy because inflation is posing little threat - comments the markets perceived as dovish.
Fortunately, this negative sentiment was soon snuffed out by Janet Yellen's dovish tone on Thursday and although the FTSE ended the week in the red, the loss was of very modest proportions indeed.
However, Brent futures logged strong gains, drawing support from supply disruptions in Libya and from US Federal Reserve Chair nominee Janet Yellen's dovish comments.
Janet Yellen's responses in the Senate Q&A session were as dovish as expected,'' said Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics.
25% by the end of 2013, as low prices allow the central bank to try to stimulate growth through adopting a more dovish monetary policy stance.
The movements today are limited and within the range of (position) adjustment, but there is not much energy to advance further due to dovish comments by U.
Cruz critique: Obama "too hawkish and too dovish at the same time" (The Dallas Morning News): "Texas' junior senator, Ted Cruz, was already on record opposing U.
The tone of the accompanying statement tilted slightly to the dovish side.
As he was appointed at a time when the UK economy was mired in recession and as he had a reputation at the Bank of Canada for pre-emptive rate cuts that helped the Canadian economy to escape the vicissitudes of the global financial crisis, Carney was widely expected to kick off at the Bank of England in a similarly dovish style.
After he saved the world from a nuclear catastrophe, he then kept secret his most dovish act: the commitment to remove our missiles from Turkey.
Summary: OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: A dovish US Jewish group says more than 150 film and theater artists have signed a letter of support for Israeli actors who refused to perform in an occupied West Bank settlement.