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Synonyms for dovetail

Synonyms for dovetail

to conform to another, especially in size and shape


Synonyms for dovetail

a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises

fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail

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Mount makers cannot control how wide airgun manufacturers cut their dovetails that we nominally refer to as 11mm, but Dan Bechtel, the founder of B Square, and I conducted a year-long study in the mid-1990s to determine the actual widths of 11mm scope dovetails from as many manufacturers as we could.
They do not slide into place, as in the standard dovetail arrangement common with SCTs compatible with German mountings.
For the maximum deformations, ANOVA determined that both factors are statistically significant: LSL specimen show significantly larger deformations than western hemlock specimens, independently from the dovetail configuration and the double dovetails show significantly larger maximum deformations for both materials.
Once the barrel is certified straight, check the dovetails to see if they need any repair.
When archaeologist Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb, peering into the antechamber and surveying a pile of chairs and tables mixed in with golden treasures, the first words he uttered were not, "Wood, look at the dovetails on that furniture
Burris only uses Double Dovetails for their Signature rings with synthetic inserts that can correct for misalignment.
This dovetails with evidence that the south pole has a large coronal hole, a source of the wind.
When processing curved fronts, the operator sets the length of the dovetail cuts and the distance between dovetails.
Their Micro-centric system also dovetails into our system requirements, providing ease of entry with documentation and reports that give us all the information we could ever need.
His exceptional record in management, sales and training dovetails nicely into our immediate and long-term expansion goals," asserts Jamie Hopping, Alliance Imaging's President and COO.
RealRead technology dovetails into any book marketing situation and provides an experience far superior to other products currently available.
The newly-licensed technology complements and significantly expands Dovetails portfolio of immune modulators", reports Judith Evans, Esq.
Motorola's open architecture strategy for the MBX2000 dovetails with our open platform development environment.
Supplying Lark's customers with probes dovetails nicely with Lark's probe design services that are offered as a part of Lark's quantitative PCR assay services.
Steve Gray, President and COO of McLeodUSA Incorporated stated, "This announcement dovetails nicely with our merger with Ovation Communications, Inc.