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Synonyms for dovetail

Synonyms for dovetail

to conform to another, especially in size and shape


Synonyms for dovetail

a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises

fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail

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I expect that researchers will very quickly make assembly via Dovetail a 'must-have'.
Global insurance brokerage, Marsh, has announced a plan to take over Columbia-based Dovetail Insurance.
Upon closing, the entire Dovetail team, including management, will join Marsh as part of Marsh's Global Risk & Specialties segment.
Your third option is to make a tiny dovetail base, smaller than the average 3/8-inch ones, so the base looks more scaled to the revolver and make a front sight as would a gunsmith of the era, perhaps of German silver, brass or an old coin (although with the price of coins what they are, maybe that's not such a good idea).
At Dovetail Divorce Solutions we offer a 'business-class' team based solutions to divorce.
That vision has propelled Furniture by Dovetail from a small residential wood shop to a $4 million operation that is making a significant foray into the academic and commercial furniture industry.
A dovetail can be adapted to another howitzer by being pinned, but this can be done only once.
Dovetail specialises in an important breakthrough in implant treatment, called the 'All-on-4' technique, which uses four specially placed titanium dental implants to permanently fix teeth to the jaw, allowing missing or failing teeth to be replaced with new fixed teeth in just one day.
The British, when working with the old Martini single-shots, would cut a dovetail across the face of the breechblock and slide in a dovetail filler.
the flats by the dovetail are wider on the early model, but looking at the dovetail, the amount of material [appears] equal.
Plus, you can choose between camo and black finishes and standard and dovetail mounts.
But, even where the notion of dovetail coordination carries no normative implications, dovetailed decisions are, at the positive level, coordinated.
TaytorCraft now manufacturer's custom, dovetail drawer boxes.
They do not slide into place, as in the standard dovetail arrangement common with SCTs compatible with German mountings.
Dovetail will be the first dental surgery in the region to specialise in an implant technique that allows dentists to replace a mouth of poor or missing teeth with strong, long-lasting replacements in as little as a few hours.