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Synonyms for dovetail

Synonyms for dovetail

to conform to another, especially in size and shape


Synonyms for dovetail

a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises

fit together tightly, as if by means of a dovetail

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The Dovetail payment solution is a single comprehensive platform that can be used to process a broad range of payment types.
Dovetail provides liquidity management solutions that enable banks to simplify their infrastructure and deliver effective digital transformation.
The solution is built on the Dovetail transaction architecture, which supports real-time item level processing of bulk payments as well as full 24/7 real-time payments.
Hollister has been a great choice--they integrated well with Dovetail, its vendors and the property owners to ensure our needs were met, the project stayed on schedule and that we were able to move in on time.
Upon closing, the entire Dovetail team, including management, will join Marsh as part of Marsh's Global Risk & Specialties segment.
Your third option is to make a tiny dovetail base, smaller than the average 3/8-inch ones, so the base looks more scaled to the revolver and make a front sight as would a gunsmith of the era, perhaps of German silver, brass or an old coin (although with the price of coins what they are, maybe that's not such a good idea).
If the sight was that easy a fit it would be too loose in the dovetail.
The sturdy cast aluminum template guides your router to make classic "through" dovetails (the traditional type where joints show up on both sides of corners).
Robert Cresswell from Divorce Professionals Dovetail Divorce thinks people just don't have the right knowledge of the divorce process.
For Furniture by Dovetail, made in the USA is how they do business.
If the wrong dovetail is used, the howitzer can fail the fire control alignment test in WP
Dovetail options from BKL now include Tri-Mount Risers in 11mm to 14mm.
Dovetail Dental in Blandford Square, provides bespoke dental solutions through extremely high quality care standards.
The British, when working with the old Martini single-shots, would cut a dovetail across the face of the breechblock and slide in a dovetail filler.
the flats by the dovetail are wider on the early model, but looking at the dovetail, the amount of material [appears] equal.