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small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regions

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3 [micro]g/g DW), and Zn (11-47 [micro]g/g DW) concentrations in two moss species (Sanionia uncinata and Hylocomium splendens) within a Dovekie colony were up to twice as high as in specimens collected outside the colonies (Godzik, 1991), and were similar to those in the mid-Holocene A.
At 06:45 (PST), we observed a Dovekie resting on the water within 20 m of the vessel while anchored in Sharp Bay at Campania Island, British Columbia (UTM: Zone 9, 463672E, 5891962N, NAD83; Fig.
Pelagic feeding ecology of Dovekies Alle alle in Lancaster Sound and western Baffin Bay.
1998), and all but eight species (Canada geese, dovekies, gyrfalcons, thick-billed murres, great black-backed gull, American tree swallow, bank swallow, yellow-rumped warbler) have been seen at Truelove Lowland (Pattie, 1990).
We describe four records of colour aberrations in the dovekie (Alle alle).
Not Always Black and White: Colour Aberrations in the Dovekie.
During the nesting period, the pale-gray and white gulls camouflaged themselves by perching with head lowered on remnant snow patches in the dovekie colony, trying to ambush flying adults.
x 440 Common eider Somateria mollissima 0 x 74 Dovekie Alle alle ?
The waters around south Devon and northern Baffin Islands held large numbers of seabirds, such as northern fulmar, black-legged kittiwake, glaucous gull, Thayer's gull, dovekie Alle alle, thick-billed murre, and black guillemot.
Quite likely some of the alcids, such as the murre (Uria lomvia) or the dovekie (Alle alle), and the ringed seal (Phoca hispida) benefited by the bowhead's decline.
Dovekie Alle alle: Dovekies have been observed at several different auklet colonies in the northern Bering Sea (Day et al.
Kittiwake - B + Ross's Gull - - - Sabine's Gull - B - Ivory Gull - - - Arctic Tern - - - Dovekie - - - Thick-billed Murre B B + Black Guillemot - B + Atlantic Puffin - - - Snowy Owl B - + Horned Lark ?
Dovekie Alle alle: This species was not seen by us, but was reported by Ford (in Sutton, 1932) "rarely" near Cape Pembroke.
2007: Predicting the sex of dovekies by discriminant analysis.
Fish migrating north in search of colder water and the dovekies lost in the landscape they were made for.