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the act of wetting something by submerging it

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Sharjah Civil Defence arrived at the site of the firein less than five minutes and were dousing the fire,trying to prevent it fromspreading tonearby apartments in the same building.
Nearby warehouses filled with grass for animal feed, coupled with high temperatures and strong winds, added to the challenge of dousing the flames.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army backed by firefighters succeeded in dousing several fires that broke out in south Lebanon Sunday.
A MURDER suspect has admitted tying up three men and dousing them with fuel, but told police he had not intended to hurt anyone, a court heard.
PC Stewart Ferguson, 42, was pictured dousing blazing Kafeel Ahmed with a fire extinguisher as the terrorist tried to ignite gas cylinders at terminal one.
They spent four hours dousing the flames which covered an area of half a square mile.
Malcolm Arrowsmith suffered 90% burns after dousing his clothes in petrol outside the busy Percy Arms in Blyth on Sunday evening.
A man who threatened to blow up his home after dousing himself in petrol will avoid time behind bars if he can prove he has reformed.