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Synonyms for dour

Synonyms for dour

cold and forbidding

broodingly and sullenly unhappy

Synonyms for dour

harshly uninviting or formidable in manner or appearance

Related Words

showing a brooding ill humor

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On the face of it, the need for an Indo-Pak dialogue seems like a pretty straightforward case of mutually beneficial adjustments, of using space intelligently and with imagination, trust, thought, dourness to prevail.
Beyond the dourness and cool reception accorded to Netanyahu by Obama, we should note that the Administration's demands of Israel are not new and do not constitute a radical change in policy; rather, they constitute a repetition -- which is certainly more incisive and unequivocal -- of demands presented by previous Administrations.
it by his refusal of pieties; there is a quiet dourness and cussedness
Brown on the other hand, really they found very lack-lustre, his mood and his dourness.
The dourness of the urban surroundings also lends itself to the one-off celebration, the fantasy of escapism, the chance to be stars for the night.
The question of his apparent dourness elicited the response that he didn't see the reason for any fuss, as if scoring was as peremptory an exercise as a clerk entering an item in a ledger.
One of the most flamboyant batsmen in history, Pietersen had injected some much-needed audaciousness into the England batting generally known for its dourness and an inability to take the opposition by the scruff of the neck when it was required.
But despite scoring 10 in their past two matches, City have also conceded five, and Milner, subject of a parody Twitter account that plays on his perceived dourness, admitted he would not mind a few more comfortable afternoons.
Owen, oozing suavity and virility, clearly relishes the chance to throw off his habitual on-screen dourness (witness The International), and it's a delight to see Roberts once more in a starring role.
I'm tired of all the dourness and doomsaying; of the grimace that's required whenever we discuss it and blackness in general; of the countless humorless men and women who scold every impulse toward comfort or laughter or, dare I say it, optimism.
Far more worrying a year ago was the impression of dourness and unfriendliness that we appeared, however unintentionally, to give visitors.
She is primarily an elegiac poet whose flashes of humor palliate the dourness.
The Killing (Channel Four, Thursday, 9pm) * TRANSLATING nicely from Scandinavia - embroidered jumpers and all - the US version of The Killing has managed to retain all the gloom and dourness of the original.
He is drawing on techniques those authors used, but in his language, his sense of transcendence, and his Scandinavian dourness, Anderson is ever his own man.
Fortuitously, pre-programmed moral codes are already available for characters in computer games, along with facial expressions indicating up to twenty emotions (constrained by my Scotch dourness genes, I doubt if I can manage as many) and so are interactive recognition systems and psychology programs.