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For instance, Douglas fir trees become fire resistant as they grow in size, reducing the effectiveness of prescribed fire and adding another layer of complexity to already costly oak woodland restoration strategies.
By proving a new way of using Douglas fir in construction we are reinforcing the rationale for using this versatile tree as the next crop.
The UK's tallest tree is a Douglas fir near Dunans Castle in Argyll, Scotland.
Douglas fir is a cone-bearing softwood, meaning that it is not a "true" fir.
A Douglas fir at Cairndow, Argyll, at 202 feet, is now thought to be Scotland's tallest.
Which is 13ft shorter than another Douglas Fir that Paul scaled last year at Cairndow, Argyll.
The Douglas Fir will be a beautiful perch for your Christmas ornaments with its strong but soft needles.
Progressing southward through the Blues, the amount of climax fir forest composed of multiple layers of Douglas fir and true fir increases to levels that are higher than the estimated range of natural variability.
George Hermach says removing Douglas fir trees in the Mount Pisgah area represents a "gross violation of nature" (letters, July 8) but the gross violation is his opinion of what constitutes credible ecological and silvicultural management.
The gigantic Douglas fir tree on the Lake Vyrnwy estate near Llanwddyn, managed by Forestry Commission Wales, can lay claim to being the tallest tree in Wales at 60.
The wooden structure adds great beauty to the interior of the building and Douglas fir is also used in the mausoleum to great effect.
But, after eight years of standing proudly in the forestry section of the showground in Llanelwedd, the two Douglas fir poles that host the annual pole climbing competition are about to be replaced.
Sherman Oaks couple Jenny and Sam Lee looked for the perfect Douglas fir at Tina's Trees in Sherman Oaks with their 3-year-old son, Austin, who scampered in the straw on the sunny but blustery day.
However, despite this restraint, the nature of wood dominates the character of the spaces both inside and out, with yellow cedar rain-screen cladding and acoustic panelling, and over 250 laminated and faceted douglas fir columns.
The building's classically designed lobby is finished with striking appointments, rich Douglas Fir wood paneling, Stucco Veneziano walls and exquisite terrazzo floors and limestone borders.