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shaped like a ring

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The patent covers an applicator that has a tip, reservoir and a doughnut-shaped absorbent pad.
Technology: The results come from the levitated dipole experiment (LDX) which uses a half-tonne doughnut-shaped magnet made of superconducting wire coiled inside a stainless steel vessel.
Researchers succeeded in synthesizing the particles by creating a polymer doughnut-shaped template, coating the template with up to nine layers of hemoglobin and other proteins, then removing the core template.
The gigantic LHC is a subterranean, doughnut-shaped tube of gleaming metal bigger than the London Underground's Circle Line.
They extended this expertise at Hampshire County Cricket Club in 2002, where they worked with the club to create a completely new facility based on an ambitious doughnut-shaped earthwork.
Bagels without a hole are the latest innovation from Mr Bagels, which has launched the normally doughnut-shaped bread product as a high-energy, high-fibre bar.
Slice melon as thinly as possible, leaving doughnut-shaped pieces.
A doughnut-shaped disk appears to surround a pair of stars that lie in the constellation Taurus.
Stephen Hawking saved Lisa from the town riots, then complimented Homer on his theory of a doughnut-shaped universe.
Accepting his doughnut-shaped award, Clooney fought back, saying, ``Thank you all for coming to Sam's intervention tonight.
Reifenhauser's patent covers a doughnut-shaped, permanent-magnet synchronous motor with the screw mounted in the middle.
Raggie, a doughnut-shaped bundle of chamois cloth, is a cross between the two.
And in honour of his gastronomic effort he received a doughnut-shaped trophy.
The "low island" atolls, usually arranged on doughnut-shaped coral reefs that once ringed volcanic mountains that have since eroded away, also depend on rainfall for water.
Finally, to get the bugs before they get you, try the doughnut-shaped Mosquito Dunks ($11.