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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the expertise and commitment to excellence they deploy and demonstrate each and every day, which has doubtlessly given rise to No5 being shortlisted.
Doubtlessly, energy is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of all sectors of the economy.
The two people who were taken to hospital did not receive serious injuries, but we know that the scene would have been quite distressing for innocent passers-by and the area would doubtlessly have been busy on a Bank Holiday weekend.
Doubtlessly, the Hollywood machinery appears a darker shade of male.
Tajikistan "is a primary, doubtlessly, strategic partner" of Russia.
One may quibble with particular selections--influenced, doubtlessly, by the compilers' personal taste (he holds a doctorate in English, is a former editor at Amazon, and--perhaps more relevantly to the form and style of the book--is an eight-time Jeopardy
With a little more application we could be playing a team on Saturday who got 7 thumped past them at the weekend, another case of what could have been, or "Gadzooks Percy old cork, we missed a bally trick there" as Pardew would doubtlessly put it.
The most surprising new feature is doubtlessly the price; at $7.
President GE-l said that "the civil war taking place in neighboring Syria is, doubtlessly, our country's most serious foreign policy issue at this time.
In fact, it will doubtlessly become necessary in the long run.
Summary: BY deciding last Wednesday to rescind a February 2011 decree that permitted illegal buildings to be powered and connected to water, landline telephony and drainage utilities, the cabinet did in fact reassert the principle of the supremacy of law which is doubtlessly a primal pillar of efficient governance.
Although that duo is part of South Africa's new leadership core - du Plessis is the Twenty20 captain and Duminy is the next most experienced member of the squad - they will doubtlessly have their own form to focus on.
While the policewoman's uniform - and Eighties clothes - doubtlessly helped Hayley get into the role, it was the time she spent with police officers that would prove crucial.
With the success of Once Upon a Time doubtlessly on their mind, the series creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz move to Wonderland and have decided to expand the show in a new spin-off.
Doubtlessly the religious conflicts between Salafis and Sufis shed light on a number of issues that the new administration is struggling to resolve, most of all the diffusion of violent Salafi activism.