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Synonyms for doubt

Synonyms for doubt

to be uncertain, disbelieving, or skeptical about

to lack trust or confidence in

Synonyms for doubt

uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something

consider unlikely or have doubts about

Related Words

lack confidence in or have doubts about

References in classic literature ?
She stopped, and looked at me doubtingly, as if she felt far from sure, poor soul, of winning my confidence to begin with.
Why, Tom, you wouldn't be so cruel as never to let old Momus hum over the 'O genus humanum' again, and then look up doubtingly through his spectacles, and end by smiling and giving three extra marks for it--just for old sake's sake, I suppose.
After inhaling a few whiffs in silence, he doubtingly accosts her with:
While their hearts and understanding of grief no doubtingly went out to the miners of Senghenydd, it would not have in any way ever "overshadowed the deaths" of their loved ones.
I be afraid he'd blow the whole thing up," said Absalom, doubtingly.