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Synonyms for doubtfully

Synonyms for doubtfully

in a doubtful manner


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In its February 16, 2018 report, Institutional Shareholder Services ("ISS") state: "Through negotiations, Qualcomm might be able to obtain a more realistic understanding of what Tan and Broadcom think NXP is worth (the deal will doubtfully get done at $110, since NXP continues to trade around $117) a calculation that is equally critical to the Qualcomm board, which does not want to be perceived by shareholders as overpaying for NXP, making it seem like an imprudent defensive acquisition.
After a lot of convincing, he finally doubtfully said, 'Okay, go and see what you can do.
Jones doubtfully understood the truth he himself inadvertently coughed up: charm governors.
Except for the obscure Asiraca germari Metcalf, which is doubtfully placed in the genus Asiraca (see Barringer & Bartlett 2011), Copicerus is the only New World genus of Asiracini.
Those were the years when he worked with the famous fiddler and scholar Giorgos Averof -- "I don't know if you know him," he says, eyeing me doubtfully, "but those who read this will know him" -- and began his own peregrinations in search of Cypriot folk songs, criss-crossing the island to find obscure singers and forgotten melodies.
Many factors enter into making a social deviant, be it a dog or a person, with handedness doubtfully being one of them.
In the world of financial markets, however, that principle may only doubtfully apply, just as in economics cause and effect are very often difficult to disentangle.
The governor himself was doubtfully in the car since all senior administrators are on vacation in Avaza.
The music becomes self-important, with an almost silent-movie tremolo in the left hand, only at the very last, when we wonder doubtfully what we could have been thinking all that time.
NNA - MP Emile Rahmeh told Manar Television on Wednesday that March 8 Camp has only one presidential candidate, Michel Aoun; however, he was doubtfully that the elections would take place on their constitutional due date.
In the opinion of Mr Fadaghi, Apple will doubtfully focus its sales strategy towards the lower end of the market, leaving it all behind to Androids dominance.
I don't know if all of them would return after only shaking the hands of young patients at the town hospital and expressing their good wishes for the well-being of the Thar people or if they would do something substantial to improve the people's health, education and living conditions," I said doubtfully.
23," Stephen Kelly and Ryan Perry discuss the contents of the three booklets that make up this manuscript, suggesting the focus and contexts of some of the twenty-seven texts it contains and pointing up the hybridity of a collection which can marry the orthodox with the doubtfully orthodox.
although there is mention that one of the Plus ultra settings doubtfully attributed to Lupi "convey[s] an image of military, power" (p.