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Synonyms for doubt

Synonyms for doubt

to be uncertain, disbelieving, or skeptical about

to lack trust or confidence in

Synonyms for doubt

uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something

consider unlikely or have doubts about

Related Words

lack confidence in or have doubts about

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Participants also doubted because they felt "rebellious or resentment over being told how to behave and what to believe" (n = 388; M = 1.
Before Jones relented and agreed to let Deputy Public Defender Earl Siddall represent him, Ogden said he doubted whether Jones understood the nature of the proceedings against him.
Some doubted," Matthew says, as the disciples saw Jesus on that mountain in Galilee.
Here he doubted the most fundamental fact of orthodoxy--the Resurrection--and they still welcomed him into the room.
Almost a decade after the annunciatory experience of his dreams, Descartes returned to this use of doubt in a more rigorous manner: in part 3 of the Discourse he dates to the years 1628-29 his formulation of the arguments that led him through a systematic doubt of everything that could be doubted to the Archimedean point of "I think, therefore I am," and from thence to a reconstruction of philosophy.