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a former Spanish gold coin

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The captain invests the doubloon with significance, with talismanic power.
Furniture Panels and Surface Decorations (Hall 3) - Exhibitors will include Xiongyi (112 sqm), Sinowolf, Zhengda Tiandi, Eudeco, Hi-Running, Doubloon, Litemax, Konsh, and more.
1787 Ephraim Brasher mints the first gold coins in the United States--a doubloon, equal to 16 Spanish dollars.
Thankfully, there's a group of modern-day seadogs putting the loon back into doubloon at the Pirates in Paradise festival down in Florida's Key West, at the southernmost tip of the US.
Strings waft their way through Unexpected and Distant Doubloon, while pianos and harmonicas have also been added in places to complement their familiar scruffy sound.
7 DISTANT DOUBLOON The View turn ringmasters in this gypsy circus epic complete with lush orchestration.
Not all of us can let our hair grow out to resemble Captain Jack Sparrow without exposing the bald spot shining through like a shimmering doubloon.
He [the exchanger], for the trade of a twenty-four carat gold doubloon took two maravedis that remained from the twenty-two reales, and for twenty-two reales and four maravedis he gave a doubloon from those same ones.
A complete collection of National Geographics with Florida articles starting in 1927, Seven-Mile Bridge lighter, Hemingway House coin, Gasparilla doubloon, space shuttle coasters, Alligator Alley keychain, Everglades 3-cent postage stamp, Yeehaw Junction swizzle stick, giant Venice shark tooth, Seminole Indian poker chip, Cabbage Key coffee mug Hotel Algiers ashtray, Miami Seaquarium plastic dolphin.
The former Hurricane Hole hotel site is to be redeveloped by Doubloon International as Discovery at Marigot Bay,an eco-friendly luxury boutique resort with 104 rooms and suites, reports The St.
Whether cinema goers of the '40s were stunned not to see the Tasmanian love machine in tights, has not been recorded, but for the man who played Captain Blood with the flash of a sharpend cutlass and with the glitter of a gold doubloon, looks a bit uncomfortable in a double breasted suit.
The reference here is to Melville's Moby-Dick: Captain Ahab nails a gold doubloon to the mast of his ship as a prize for the first crewman to catch sight of the great white whale.
But every doubloon is up there on the screen, and director Renny Harlin throws in enough stunts to make your eyes stand out on stalks.
Gonzalez co-founded Doubloon in 2010, a virtual goods platform company, where he provided monetization strategies for numerous browser-based and mobile device titles, including Red Crucible, which peaked as the top free-to-play game on the App Store.
And all this for not one doubloon as the whole afternoon of good, old-fashioned entertainment is free.