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(bridge) a pair of playing cards that are the only cards in their suit in the hand dealt to a player

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Let [delta] be a pattern of length k [greater than or equal to] 4 that consists of all singletons except for exactly one doubleton.
The best horse to have so far passed through Matthias's hands was the former Barry Hills-trained Doubleton, who won four races for him, though he hopes there are some potential stars among his string of 15, who all belong to the Maktoum family.
Consider, for example, the operation for forming a doubleton {a, b} from its members a and b.
Let us further restrict our attention to what I shall dub "classical" semantic theories, semantic theories which include the assertions that (i) a function V maps object language proper names into some set D which is at least a doubleton (V([Alpha]) is the semantic value of [Alpha]), (ii) V maps object language atomic sentences into some nonempty set F (the member of F to which V maps a sentence is the semantic value of the sentence), and (iii) the extension of a unary predicate of the object language is exactly one member of the power set of D, the extension of a dyadic predicate [Chi] is exactly one member of the power set of the Cartesian product of D with itself (and so on in the expected way for ternary, etc.
This way you succeed when clubs are 3:3, when North holds the king of clubs or when South holds singleton or doubleton king.
Here the first product corresponds to singleton orbits and the second product corresponds to doubleton orbits of B(r, r, t) under switching the first two coordinates.
Declarer carefully took the ace and king of clubs and dropped the doubleton queen with West.
You could plan to ruff two rounds of hearts but this requires either king doubleton or hearts 3:3.
This looked every bit a singleton so if he held a doubleton diamond to an honour there was a route home.
Answer: If North holds K10x of hearts and a doubleton spade there is nothing to be done, he will now make two trump tricks.
There is only one distribution now where you will lose only one spades trick, that is KQ doubleton with West.
This way if South held doubleton queen you will stop him gaining the lead.
This caters for 85 doubleton with South as you can now use the seven to set up the nine.
This caters for a doubleton jack with South and so gives a slight edge.
You can however play South to hold three trumps and a doubleton club.