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believing two contradictory ideas at the same time

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Believing two contradictory ideas at the same time doublethink --is surprisingly common.
The Zionist doublethink wanted viewers to believe that Israeli residents were under constant threat, yet the country remained safe for tourists.
Recognizing that members of the public have an interest in invalidating patents deemed costly for society as a whole and an even greater interest in the patent system's overall legacy of legitimacy in granting the right to exclude only when deserved, this Article proposes that MedImmune's doublethink be resolved by allowing certain members of the public standing to sue patentees in order to invalidate patents.
In a moment of Orwellian doublethink, he refuses to accept scientific evidence while maintaining science can save us.
BBC3 is in the vanguard of this doublethink, with programmes like Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum, Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents and, still my favourite reality show title, Can Fat Teens Hunt?
David is vaguely aware of his doublethink as can be seen from his description of his relationship with Soraya (2): "His sentiments are, he is aware, complacent, even uxorious.
Now we inhabit a zone of doublethink and contradiction over noncombatant lives.
That's the war that made our world," he explained to Doublethink in 2006.
118: "The only thing I detest as much as theological doublethink is psychobabble.
The doublethink of this "elite majority" is certainly something new and undoubtedly relates to recruiting foreign students, international fees, and the entrepreneurial impulse cultivated by the modern university either through its own recruitment from the corporate world or through governmental interventions in strategic funding.
The buzzword in that briefing was "strict", which seemed to appear in every paragraph, but in a bizarre piece of doublethink the best betting approach may be to anticipate strict refereeing and back a low number of yellow cards.
Orwell did, however, coin Newspeak, Oldspeak and duck-speak (speaking from the throat without thinking 'like a duck') and doublethink (holding ".
That last one is a particularly bizarre kind of doublethink, and is worryingly common).
In what at first glance appears like Orwellian doublethink, they suggested that the controls and limits of the ship actually created a sense of freedom: