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any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not

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As the BJP government allows 100 per cent FDI in single brand retail by doing away the requirement of 30 per cent sourcing through 'Make in India', the PM and FM's duplicity and doublespeak stand exposed," he said.
Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], November 5 ( ANI ): The Congress Party on Sunday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mastered the art of doublespeak.
1 had been asked to chair a panel, co-sponsored by the Doublespeak Committee, on "The Language of Sexism," and I accepted in the belief that the meeting would be a forum for the exploration of different points of view on the issue.
The government rejects with contempt the ugly doublespeak and double-standards of Congress and its friends in Parliament.
Amiry mixes nostalgia with anger while mocking Israeli doublespeak that seeks to wipe out any trace of a Palestinian past in West Jerusalem.
Reactions by Washington and Moscow and the accelerating developments in Ukraine, constitute another example of the international doublespeak and the contradiction between words and deeds in defense of democracy and freedom of people who choose independence and democracy.
Justin Trudeau is a vocal supporter of a woman's right to choose, a doublespeak phrase for legalized abortion.
The recent history of both nations involves rule by lethal regimes that enforced silence through terror and relied on particularly virulent forms of official doublespeak to deny the reality of the inescapable facts of daily life.
Corporate doublespeak, or words by which the bank stands and on which its reputation rests?
While this tactic may help avid Snickers eaters shed a few pounds and improve corporate profits (don't expect Mars to reduce its prices when it cuts its standard 280-calorie bar to 250 calories), the Orwellian doublespeak is sure to leave a bad taste in one's mouth.
In the face of this pressure, Ukrainian authorities are responding with doublespeak.
THE claim by Robert Norris of RenewableUK, the wind industry trade body, that turbine noise is, "more like a gentle wind going by" (The Journal, October 8) is yet another pearl for connoisseurs of wind industry doublespeak.
After the century's doublespeak, the fog of borders and the fatigue of everything borders kept apart.
The last time such doublespeak was common currency was when Joseph Stalin ruled Soviet Russia.
US DOUBLESPEAK EXPOSED AGAIN Siham, Tunisian national I think President Obama's speech reflects the US doublespeak on issues related with the Arab world.