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any language that pretends to communicate but actually does not

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Calling this a 'privacy policy' is Orwellian doublespeak," said John M.
THE claim by Robert Norris of RenewableUK, the wind industry trade body, that turbine noise is, "more like a gentle wind going by" (The Journal, October 8) is yet another pearl for connoisseurs of wind industry doublespeak.
After the century's doublespeak, the fog of borders and the fatigue of everything borders kept apart.
The last time such doublespeak was common currency was when Joseph Stalin ruled Soviet Russia.
US DOUBLESPEAK EXPOSED AGAIN Siham, Tunisian national I think President Obama's speech reflects the US doublespeak on issues related with the Arab world.
AN EDUCATION that includes general semantics and critical thinking can help an individual wade through the flood of doublespeak and propaganda that surrounds us.
While that counts as yet another instance of government doublespeak, the A- G's stance has less to do with any concern for federalism and more with the Centre's reluctance to change the status quo regarding the country's premier investigative agency.
Along with Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, this 1979 record was a foreboding and trippy harbinger of an era when paranoia and doublespeak would become commonplace.
Doublespeak is language which conceals its true meaning, while an acrostic is a message formed from the first letter of the constituent words.
Excellent point but excluded the most insidious comparison of Big Brother in ``1984'' and King George II's administration: Doublespeak, wherein words mean the opposite of what they say.
Yet with the doublespeak particularly common in dictatorial regimes, officials say the existence of the government-sanctioned Patriotic Church demonstrates that China practices religious tolerance.
Gandhi asked the party activists to launch a nationwide 'Jan Jagran Abhiyan' to expose the BJP for its doublespeak on the issue of corruption.
Has it not occurred to the bold Enda that there are many potential Fine Gael voters who have a great deal of respect for Michael McDowell and the courage he has displayed in challenging the doublespeak of Sinn Fein?
The National Republican leadership has long used code words and doublespeak in efforts to divide Americans.
This he does with admirable professionalism; yes, he must eyeball each lady's fitness for the assignment, but he keeps a strict hands-off policy, while couching his voluminous reports on the operation's progress in bland military doublespeak.