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Synonyms for doubled

twice as great or many

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An Sir Kay had had time to get another skin of sour wine into him, ye had seen the accompt doubled.
I went up the bank about fifty yards, and then I doubled on my tracks and slipped back to where my canoe was, a good piece below the house.
He might have doubled his presumption to me but poor Harriet
Oh, the number of times I turned it over and doubled it in my head, before you came in to-night
Her mind not being courted by a great variety of subjects, she filled the vacant moments by living inwardly, again and again, through all her remembered experience, especially through the fifteen years of her married time, in which her life and its significance had been doubled.
Then I doubled myself up and passed from before him.
doubled is my strength by your gift, and doubly will I fight for you
Soon after, the lugger doubled the point and disappeared.