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Synonyms for double-tongued

marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

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Whether it is about the unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program, the fabrications in the State of the Nation Address, the disastrous relief, rescue, and rehabilitations operations in Eastern Visayas or Zamboanga, and the like, the answers sound the same: Arrogant, a la cacique, deceptive, double-tongued, and without respect to the intelligence of the public.
The elusive double-tongued, venomous Bornean slow loris emerges from sleeping hideouts only at night and slips through tangles of branches.
On the front of the double-tongued strip, O'Brien put a piece of moulding on an endcap that looked like an oversized reducer and had a groove on the back that locked into it.
The disappointment comes in when one realizes that Firths clearly-written and engaging essay is only interested in ambiguity--the very air that post-modern literary criticism breathes--in order to establish a means of noting when it has been aimed at deliberately by a biblical author, and can thus be declared to be part of the safely determinate meaning of his double-tongued text.
ff, abandonatamente) The callous heartless heedless reckless cheerless shameless ape, The ruthless clueless senseless restraintless compassionless merciless ape, The taking-it-all-for-me self-absorbed always-playing-the-victim innocence-claiming never-reflecting sanctimonious double-tongued ape: