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Synonyms for double-tongued

marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

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The disappointment comes in when one realizes that Firths clearly-written and engaging essay is only interested in ambiguity--the very air that post-modern literary criticism breathes--in order to establish a means of noting when it has been aimed at deliberately by a biblical author, and can thus be declared to be part of the safely determinate meaning of his double-tongued text.
ff, abandonatamente) The callous heartless heedless reckless cheerless shameless ape, The ruthless clueless senseless restraintless compassionless merciless ape, The taking-it-all-for-me self-absorbed always-playing-the-victim innocence-claiming never-reflecting sanctimonious double-tongued ape:
Cardiffians, she writes in When I Grow Up, 'were ambiguous, equivocal, double-tongued.
Joyu is double-tongued, so he is not to be trusted," Egawa added.