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Synonyms for double time

a fast marching pace (180 steps/min) or slow jog

Related Words

a doubled wage (for working overtime)

at a faster speed


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Human resources director Jean Tomlin confirmed that M&S was scrapping double-time for Sunday working.
EMPLOYEES in the bookmaking industry who are rewarded with double-time pay for working on a Sunday are becoming fewer, and Ladbrokes, one of the last of the major companies to make the concession, is understood to be reviewing the situation, writes Rodney Masters.
Workers said Bank Holidays had traditionally warranted double-time payments, and accused Kraft of refusing to abide by the long-established agreement for both December 28 and January 3.
They had been working double-time to get ready for expedited departure.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because they have a possible malfunctioning turn-signal indicator, which does not warn drivers through a double-time flash on the dashboard that a turn signal is not working.
Those Required to Work Will Likely Receive Extra Compensation The vast majority of organizations - 86 percent - that have at least some employees work on Labor Day will provide something more than regular pay for their holiday labor, including time-and-a-half pay (27 percent), both extra pay and compensatory time (18 percent), double-time pay (16 percent), an "other" form of extra pay such as "double-time-and-a-half" (16 percent) or comp time in addition to regular pay (9 percent).
A minor miracle,'' he said and explained that he played straight to the handful of people up front who actually seemed to be paying attention and plowed ahead with his material in double-time.
New technologies enable Double-Time to help busy managers maximize their time as well as the features on their wireless phones.
Kids see him doing that when he's 41, 42 years old and realize they should be doing double-time.
The market for wireless is absolutely astounding," Double-Time CEO Scott Wallace told the Wall Street Reporter Magazine last Thursday.
The trends in the industry are toward adding many new features and functions to the wireless handset," explains Christine Stannard, vice president of marketing for Double-Time.
Second, Johnson said, the company is seeking to change its double-time payment policy.
In California, employers are required to calculate an employee's hourly rate by dividing 40 hours into the weekly rate, with time-and-a-half required after 40 hours and double-time after 80 hours, said attorney Anthony R.
This was the date on which Ladbrokes had originally planned to offer double-time payments to their betting-shop staff.
Their punchy, double-time version of the Miles Davis classic "All Blues," which the show's opener also used as its title, allowed for an amalgam of tap warm-up.