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cover with two defensive players

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Phil Jackson is generally averse to double-teaming, so the burden of containing Duncan will fall to Malone for at least the first three quarters.
Even USC coach Pete Carroll, who doubles as the defensive coordinator, cautioned about the perils of double-teaming, remembering the problems from his days in the NFL.
Even double-teaming isn't foolproof in offensive coordinator Norm Chow's offense.
Once he blocked that, I kind of knew the game was over because we were double-teaming Hinrich at the end.
Jackson alluded to ``some things philosophically that I would disagree with'' in Bryant's choices, and seemed to have Bryant in mind when he said the Lakers failed to swing the ball away from the double-teaming defenses on Kobe and Shaq, but said this was ``just tonight'' and not ``an issue.
The graduation of leading scorer Sara Silver-Hill and a handful of other starters left Baer as the recipient of almost constant double-teaming this season.
And they are not double-teaming Sam,'' USC coach Henry Bibby said.
Instead of double-teaming Elton Brand underneath and leaving open Duke's 3-point shooters, the Spartans played a standard man-to-man against Brand and shadowed Langdon, Avery and Shane Battier on the perimeter.
The Rockets' double-teaming held O'Neal 10 points below his average.
Sylmar) had a good strategy at first by double-teaming Carloes.
Among its basic tenets, players are not allowed to double-team from the weak side (the side of the court without the ball) to the strong side (the side with the ball) unless they are double-teaming someone with the ball.