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cover with two defensive players

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Gray) has to be double-teamed," UCLA reserve power forward/center Alfred Aboya said.
But the Rockets plainly were keying on him and Shaquille O'Neal, both consistently double-teamed.
If you have a regular post player with a regular ability in the paint and if he doesn't get double-teamed and you clear that area, he will be effective,'' said Olowokandi, who finished with two points and four fouls in 20 minutes.
So Duke (33-4) harried Granville constantly with freshman guard Chris Duhon, and also double-teamed him with post players.
Sprewell then got the ball on the right wing, but was forced into a rare miss on an 18-foot jumper when Duncan double-teamed.
The Huskies defended Brand man-to-man until he made his first dribble, then they double-teamed him.
Technically, the Trail Blazers double-teamed O'Neal.
There are built-in pressure releases, fail-safe movements in case the ballhandler is double-teamed or the normal passing lanes are clogged.
Chuck was getting double-teamed more than (fellow St.
Watch for Wallace to get double-teamed at all times, so someone else must make big shots.