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a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together to produce the sound in some woodwinds

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The polycarb ATM is every bit the easy-blowing double-reed of its acrylic doppelganger, but at a bargain price.
The double-reed call has an injection-molded barrel with a softer wood body, which mellows the tone for finishing birds.
Available in open water or timber models--and either single-reed (the Ace) or double-reed (the Deuce)--these calls will have ducks landing in your lap.
The Romani mahala (neighborhood) of this town is known for its musicians, who specialize in zurna (a double-reed conical-bore shawm or oboe) and dauli (a large cylindrical, two-headed drum played with sticks).
If you want to sound like the real thing, stick with double-reed calls made from acrylic or dense hardwoods.
Timber Talkers are available in single- and double-reed models.
com) * (3) The Jones Turkey Diaphragm Call is a tough double-reed call that allows users to produce raspy yelps, clucks, purrs, kee kee runs, and cackles (Wilderness Sound Productions/Jones Calls, 503/741-0263, www.
No, it's not that cheesy Axl Rose ballad, but the foolproof rasp, and extra-stout volume of November Rain's double-reed will send the greenheads to "Paradise City.
This double-reed call is adjustable with an O-ring, but the unique feature is a rubberized push-button that transforms the sound of the call into a bleat.
A great deal of air was required to equal a modernday composite style call's volume, especially with a double-reed.
And don't forget its wooden double-reed counterpart made from Osage and walnut.
The Deuce is the double-reed model that produces the sounds of a raspy boss hen without ever sticking or squealing.
The double-reed call has a J-Frame tone board to give it soft reverberations.
Neither my favorite single-reed wooden call nor my double-reed call is especially loud.
The new Timber Talkers are available in two models: single-reed and double-reed.