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park a vehicle alongside another

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They block driveways, park in red zones, park next to fire plugs and double-park.
People double-park and leave their car to run an errand.
Andrew Stacey, representing station owners Centro, showed the court a pamphlet issued to drivers in 2006 telling them not to double-park.
Instead, they have to stop on double yellow lines or double-park while constantly running the gauntlet of Gardai and traffic wardens," he said.
2) Cars crowd the parking lot at Madera Elementary School as parents double-park to pick up their kids after school.
People double-park and park on the pavement and I've been told by traffic wardens that they don't have the staff to deal with it.
I'm referring to the thoughtless, selfish individuals who constantly double-park at the bottom of this one-way street at night.
One said: 'I live by a chip shop in Whitchurch, Cardiff, and people park on double yellow lines, park across our drives and double-park.
They block St Mary Street nearly every night between 5pm and 6pm when they double-park.
If there are 50,000 fans inside the park, there are 50,000 more outside - looking for a place to double-park.
They double-park, stop in the middle of the street and make crazy U-turns.