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a knit fabric similar to jersey that is made with two sets of needles producing a double thickness joined by interlocking stitches

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Button-front baseball jerseys in both sleeved and sleeveless styles come in stretch nylon double-knits, as do the matching game pants, which feature elastic waist bands and belt loops.
Don Alleson's "Protop" baseball jersey is 100% double-knit that comes in pinstripe and solid body colors and a six-button front.
After all he's gone through to get this far, donning an oversized pair of double-knit brown trousers and stuffing his clothing to appear overweight didn't bother Dan Bylsma one bit.
Then there's that whole double-knit polyester look.
Polyester - jersey, crepe and double-knit - is back in fashion favor, leading a revival of '70s fashions.
Designers like Donna Karan are on a blue streak, dishing up pale, almost silvery-blue suits with flap pockets and big collars inspired by the powder-blue double-knit leisure suits men adored in the mid-'70s.
Teens are going back to polyester double-knit hipster pants.
By using 3D shaping, our Leicester factory can reproduce our design team's concepts exactly as they envisage them without all the weight and bulk associated with double-knits.
SAN DIEGO - The baseball stadiums built in the 1970s had about as much staying power as earth-tone double-knits and feathered haircuts.
The arrival of double-knits ushered in the era of baseball players who forbade breathing room in their uniforms.
Despite her almost rookie status, the sophomore catcher doesn't hesitate to walk out to the circle and give her senior sister/pitcher a verbal kick in the double-knits.