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a knit fabric similar to jersey that is made with two sets of needles producing a double thickness joined by interlocking stitches

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A single-knit fabric is easily distinguished from a double-knit fabric by inspecting both sides.
Then she saw the center's director pack a bag with double-knit clothes.
7456 South Oswego Tulsa, OK 74136 (918) 492-9657 / 492-9694 (fax) Cushion type: Air Sizes: 11"x12"-19"x20" Covering: Double-knit and nonwoven polyester Price range: $82-$112 Contact: Ken McRight for nearest dealer Warranty: One year on workmanship and materials Delivery time: No more than five days
Choose light- to mediumweight knit fabrics, such as cotton or synthetic jersey, double-knit or interlock.
These cold-weather clothes, worn next to your skin, are constructed of a moisturewicking double-knit fabric.
Babies & Toddlers" will teach the needlecrafter how to go about accomplishing double-knit, entrelac, cables, felting, lace, stranded color, and intarsia.
I was wearing a coat which was half zipped up and a thick double-knit jumper.
Does anyone have a turban pattern made from double-knit material?
Its Youth game pants and jerseys are available in sizes XS-XXL and come in polyester, tricot mesh, heavyweight double-knit nylon, nylon warp knit and Lycra Spandex.
The Italians are famous for creating double-knit fabric in the '50s.
Came and practice jerseys are available in both medium weight nylon and nylon micro-mesh, while game and practice pants come in heavyweight polyester double-knit with elastic tunnel waists.
They're intertwined into the double-knit fabric of the game.
Button-front jerseys are available in solid, pinstripe, piping, and sleeveless styles, and come in both 100% nylon and heavyweight double-knit.
Ugly then and still ugly now, men's double-knit polyester pants from the '70s were $10 instead of $45 elsewhere.
After all he's gone through to get this far, donning an oversized pair of double-knit brown trousers and stuffing his clothing to appear overweight didn't bother Dan Bylsma one bit.