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having unusually flexible joints especially of the limbs or fingers

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Some of them looked double-jointed - it was incredible.
This show-piece did create a bit of a conflict of opinion between the judges, as Nasser and Najwa saw that the contestant's ability to twist and mold his double-jointed body warranted his place in the next level.
Were you ever up against the smart guy with the double-jointed wrist whose centre-forward magically spun and flashed the ball into your goal?
The former dancer, nicknamed Rubber Bones Brown for his double-jointed abilities, has avoided serious injury.
He was second only in Test wickets to Muttiah Muralitharan, although many purists dismiss the Sri Lankan because of his double-jointed and debatable action.
Bell, who is double-jointed, came up with the physical moves herself, and the director was more than happy to write them into the film.
Muralitharan has unintentionally courted controversy from the moment he was first called for chucking in 1995 by umpire Darrell Hair thanks to his double-jointed and flexible right-arm.
Its double-jointed arm and adjustable swivel mount will help capture every heart-stopping moment of your bowhunt.
With its process, Perma-Pipe can insulate pipe to double-jointed 80 ft lengths rather than the conventional 40 ft lengths," the statement said.
Just drive within three feet of the center of the manhole cover and the Power Arm adjusts to your location with a 3 feet, 180 degree swing radius and a double-jointed elbow that allows the positioning of the magnet in the center of the manhole cover.
Give the PRC its sleek uniformity, its colors not found on the usual spectrum, its million double-jointed pixies.
The Archbuilders are double-jointed creatures who are viewed with disinterest, distrust and everything in between by the various inhabitants.
Both my thumbs are double-jointed, for a start, and I can burp to order.
I saw thumbs of every color, size, stiff ness and limberness some impressively double-jointed.