double-hung window

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a window having two sashes that slide up and down

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21 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired by history, the new Andersen(R) 400 Series Woodwright(TM) double-hung window delivers time- honored, traditional styling combined with the latest technology and performance benefits.
WOOD 135 General 135 Materials & Material Trends 139 Products & Product Trends 141 Wood Doors 142 Demand by Market 144 Demand by Type 148 Panel Doors 149 Flush Doors 152 Other Wood Doors 155 Wood Windows 157 Demand by Market 158 Demand by Type 161 Double-Hung Windows 162 Casement Windows 164 Other Wood Windows 166 Other Wood Products 168 Demand by Market 169 Demand by Type 171
Its raised front porch and a front door flanked by double-hung windows powerfully evoke an earlier era.
Pella's Architect Series double-hung window combines the classic appeal of old world craftsmanship with the conveniences of today's modern technology.
And most importantly for Johnson, the building will feature double-hung windows.
Its limestone exterior with copper double-hung windows and its familiar awning are well recognized in the area, as is the landmark clock in front of the building on Fifth Avenue which dates back to 1859.
Also, the double-hung windows are similar on each building.
830 s/f home with views of Sunset Park, double-hung windows, color video intercom, Bosch in-home washer and dryer and stainless steel kitchen appliances.
Since some of the individual double-hung windows were six feet wide by 13 feet tall, the sash weighed in excess of 250 pounds.
A: There are many different types of weather-stripping for double-hung windows that can be used as a retrofit.
The building's brick and brownstone facade was traditional yet subtly modern, matching the materials and overall approach to neighboring buildings, but with a twist C double-hung windows that are wider than what is found in most narrow brownstones, golden ironspot brick to set the building apart from its neighbors, and over 700 custom shaped cove bricks fabricated for this project.
We have a two-story building with a lot of double-hung windows.
Wood 135 General 135 Materials & Material Trends 139 Products & Product Trends 141 Wood Doors 142 Demand by Market 144 Demand by Type 147 Panel Doors 148 Flush Doors 151 Other Wood Doors 154 Wood Windows 155 Demand by Market 157 Demand by Type 160 Double-Hung Windows 161 Casement Windows 163 Other Wood Windows 165 Other Wood Products 167 Demand by Market 168 Demand by Type 170 VI.
Period-correct harp lights and double-hung windows helped to create an interior cityscape of Brady Street.
Sharon Smith, executive vice presidnet of Atlantic Development Group, and 2 Cooper Square From the August issue: A muscular brick façade, cornice molding and double-hung windows typify the architectural designs of the 19th-century buildings throughout the city.