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Synonyms for double-humped

having two humps


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Recent DNA testing undertaken at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna has shown it to be genetically distinct from the domestic double-humped Bactrian camel and not, as some have suggested, descended from Silk Road runaways.
With its ability to withstand these climatic extremes, survive huge doses of radiation and exist on highly saline water, there's a great deal humanity can learn from the wild double-humped camel.
Several other research studies have shown that the Moso bamboo photosynthesis diurnal change followed a double-humped curve in summer with the photosynthetic midway depression (Huang et al.
However, it is different from the double-humped Central Asian species in that the desert-dweller has adjusted to the harsh extremes of an arid climate.
Jubilant keepers have named the female youngster - a double-humped Bactrian - Willow.