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Synonyms for double-entendre

an expression or term liable to more than one interpretation

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The company argued the ad worked on two levels - as a straightforward statement about Oz wine and as a double-entendre.
The Plague of Fur" for example, in which all solid material in the Pacific Northwest becomes coated by a self-replicating nano-constructed mechanical "fur" might best be read while listening to the Cramps' "The Green Fuzz" "Edgar," an anatomy of a murder, goes well with the Beatles' 'Til Get You [in the End]" which has the added advantage of having an anal sex double-entendre, which is perfect for Edgar, who did "nasty things to conceal who he really was.
Advertisers are masters of the double-entendre, but sometimes the sexual meaning is so obvious that it's hard to figure out what the "clean" interpretation would be.
Adler and Walker's lyrics -- often suggestive and replete with double-entendre -- mesh easily with the composers' upbeat rhythms and easy harmonies.
Therefore the tagline Think out of the box had a strong double-entendre.
Off-kilter R&B from the diva of the double-entendre as it flits from old blues to raw urban hip hop, skeletal rhythms and, ultimately, virtual full-blown soul.
The boundaries may have shifted far enough to include references to water sports and flavoured condoms, but the Donald McGill spirit of double-entendre lives on in this witless saga of lonely men and vacuum cleaners.
I stupidly garner the administration's attention early on when I use a risque double-entendre in one of my English classes.
Since Bill Haley and His Comets first introduced America to the driving, sensual rhythms and coy double-entendre lyrics that have become popular music's stock in trade, rock 'n' roll has evolved into a number of distinct styles, including the "acid" rock of the drug-soaked sixties, the nihilistic mayhem of punk and heavy metal, the brazen misogyny of rap, and the hypnotic repetitiveness of techno.
Peppered with just the same nudging sort of double-entendre as her "c's, her u's, and her t's," the passage clearly recalls Malvolio's pondering on his lady's handwriting.
Lavish color portraits are breezily identified by double-entendre captions; to be sure, this is a paradise with a sense of humor.
The treatment encourages interpretation of the "B" literally as "Beam" the company name, and figuratively, playing to the double-entendre of "beam" as it relates to light, balance and structural support.
We don't mind the little people tagging along, but let's be honest: this cross-dressing, double-entendre ridden festival of camp is just as much for us as them.
Come On uses double-entendre to impugn his prowess in bed, while Wrap My Head Around That savages hollow promises.
The Sex And The City actress appears in the double-entendre ad saying: "Why didn't you tell me it was so big?