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Synonyms for double-dealing

Synonyms for double-dealing

being or acting so as to conceal one's real intentions

the act or practice of deceiving

Synonyms for double-dealing

acting in bad faith

marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

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The most interesting part of Wikigate is Pakistan's supposed double-dealing in aiding the US-led war while maintaining secret links with Taleban and its allies.
Mr Cameron said that the PM was "quite wrong" to claim there had been no double-dealing.
After this latest capitulation, she should take a principled stand and oppose her own government for its double-dealing.
Those who have fashioned Social Security have been involved in a long list of misdeeds--conning taxpayers, running a pyramid scheme, double-dealing, and bankrupting the nation's future, to name just a few.
But good old Uncle Henry showed the lobbyists the door, and said he would have no part with such double-dealing.
But how many of us realize that the patriotic "gunboat" musicals popular at the turn of the century regularly put wily, double-dealing Japanese villains before the public?
The intricate web of backstabbing and double-dealing that was begun in the first two volumes (A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings) of the series continues.
The first story, Settling Accounts, has guns, double-dealing, more than a dash of whisky, plus a suitcase of cash.
But Belfast man Freddie Scappaticci would spend the rest of the year denying he was the man in question - until he was later grilled by the IRA about his double-dealing.
This is where the friendship becomes complicated and a lifetime of intrigue and double-dealing begins.
Theory, as anyone who's dabbled in it knows, is itself promiscuous, double-dealing, sexaholic, and a chronic masturbator.
In present time, El Mariachi is but one player in a web of political intrigue in Mexico that includes a flippant, double-dealing CIA agent (Depp), an oily drug cartel leader (Dafoe), a retired FBI agent (Ruben Blades), a kid selling Chiclets (Tony Valdes) and the fascist general (Gerardo Vigil) who poisoned El Mariachi's life.
Amazingly, it was above a horseracing story, not as Muttley expected, yet another story on greyhound racing's backstabbing and double-dealing.
Privileging writing, Hamlet goes on in this same speech, however, to clown and improvise himself: "the First Quarto was marked," Weimann argues, "by a hybrid source of authority, one that was as 'divided against itself' as the double-dealing poetics that, simultaneously, informed Hamlet's antic clowning and his own advice against it" (28).
So, we get Primary Colors, whose flip betrayal of its depiction of campaign skullduggery ends in an earnest, we're-gonna-make-history blather; The Patriot's equation of pacifism with flag-waving slaughter; The Contender's preposterously hyper-left pronouncements mated to the amused glorification of federal double-dealing.