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an act of betrayal

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The dead girl turns out to be the missing girlfriend of American heavy Moose, now in the employ of double-crossing gang boss Bruno Maitland (Brian Conley).
Roger Lyons, of Amicus, said: "They are double-crossing staff.
In the remake, the action will be set in Italy and Los Angeles, where Wahlberg (as Charlie) heads the gang that stages a traffic jam to take back gold which had been stolen by a double-crossing conspirator.
You'll have an easier time figuring out who's double-crossing whom in this heist caper than you will decoding Brando's same-sex signifiers.
Railtrack was accused of double-crossing the Midlands last night after revealing plans to pull the plug on the pounds 5 billion revamp of the West Coast Main Line.
Filled with murder, fights, underwater action, sunken boats, double-crossing, shark attacks, drug running, and boating thrills; "When Rainbows Walk" takes readers to exotic locations satiated with unforgettable characters and a surprising climax
includes a few grace notes from series stalwart Ving Rhames and adds in the usual in-house double-crossing, which, unfortunately, seems as forced as Cruise's grin-and-grimace routine.
Infernal Affairs II charts the early years of cop Yan's (Shawn Yue)infiltration of Hong Kong's organised crime, while double-crossing Triad agent Ming (Edison Chen) makes inroads in internal affairs.
He's Trevor Heslop, an agent always trying to do the decent thing in the double-crossing, money-driven, ego- obsessed world of minor sports stars.
Coronation Street (ITV1): Fred falls victim to a spot of double-crossing.
With so many double-meaning, double-crossing reasons for its use in Britain, we have a two-faced, double-dealing government that does not seem prepared to face this country with an honest referendum.
In this world of double-crossing and deception, players can choose from 100 different weapons, various camouflages, and stealth or all-out action to complete their missions.
But what starts promisingly, turns into a day-glo headache of a bubblegum movie, whose double-crossing tricks you don't care about.
A MAN has gone on trial accused of abducting and murdering a person suspected of double-crossing a gang leader.
Double-crossing one of his dubious clients, Mason's lover is killed and he is injured as retribution.