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an act of betrayal

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I don't want people to think we are double-crossing them," said Mr.
Wayne sarcastically told Feldman to send the script to any of his other clients, provided they were looking for a movie that ``smears all relationships,'' that is ``populated by drunken mothers, conniving fathers, double-crossing sweethearts, bad, bad rich people and bad, bad poor people if they want to get ahead.
Though Bone Wars is entirely nonfiction, it is so deftly written that it reads like a novel as it follows the battles of individuals, conflicting scientific theories, and even instances of backstabbing and double-crossing in the bone-hunting world of a century past.
DeNiro's character screws over his double-crossing partners and walks away fabulously wealthy.
The dead girl turns out to be the missing girlfriend of American heavy Moose, now in the employ of double-crossing gang boss Bruno Maitland (Brian Conley).
Roger Lyons, of Amicus, said: "They are double-crossing staff.
In the remake, the action will be set in Italy and Los Angeles, where Wahlberg (as Charlie) heads the gang that stages a traffic jam to take back gold which had been stolen by a double-crossing conspirator.
You'll have an easier time figuring out who's double-crossing whom in this heist caper than you will decoding Brando's same-sex signifiers.
Railtrack was accused of double-crossing the Midlands last night after revealing plans to pull the plug on the pounds 5 billion revamp of the West Coast Main Line.
Filled with murder, fights, underwater action, sunken boats, double-crossing, shark attacks, drug running, and boating thrills; "When Rainbows Walk" takes readers to exotic locations satiated with unforgettable characters and a surprising climax
This is a minor diversion for double-crossing ex-spy Hal, who's busy infiltrating the Cleveland mob-the Cleveland right after World War II being darker than Gotham City.
includes a few grace notes from series stalwart Ving Rhames and adds in the usual in-house double-crossing, which, unfortunately, seems as forced as Cruise's grin-and-grimace routine.