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Synonyms for double-crosser

one who betrays

Synonyms for double-crosser

a person who says one thing and does another

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Double-crosser Belmokhtar was kicked out as one of its top leaders in northern Mali in October after he was apparently caught cheating other fighters.
As well as adopting the hard-driven, techno-rock style (in both visuals and music) now fashionable in Bollywood actioners, the pic (scripted by Abbas-Mustan regular Shiraz Ahmed) makes their 2002 double-crosser, "Humraaz," which also starred Akshaye Khanna, look genteel by comparison.
Charlie's plan unfolds perfectly - until one member of the team is exposed as a greedy double-crosser.
Charlie's plan unfolds perfectly, only for one member of the team to turn out to be a greedy, double-crosser.
After leading roles in the likes of Fight Club and American History X, Norton plays Frezelli, a thieving double-crosser who is out to stop the gang.
Double-crosser O'Hanlon had rung O'Reilly, inviting him to the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in Dublin and even picked him up in his BMW.