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Synonyms for double-cross

Synonyms for double-cross

to be treacherous to

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

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Pakistan double-crossed the US in allowing its air bases to launch thousands of attacks into Afghanistan.
They then claim they were double-crossed by other mercenaries working for Libyan rebels and, indirectly, for NATO.
Seven out of 10 of us have either double-crossed pals or partners, or deceived our employers and the taxman.
When he was recruited to Syracuse for a lacrosse scholarship in the early 1950s, he double-crossed the school and gravitated to this other sport on campus that led to his becoming the greatest running back in NFL history.
From then on, it's a case of who can he trust as Ryan double deals and is double-crossed himself.
This is an action-packed, dark adventure about two small time drug dealers Hank (George Nelson) and Leroy (Russell Clay), that are double-crossed and almost killed in a drug deal gone bad.
He plays a petty criminal who is prepared to take on the might of the mob in a bid to take revenge on the partner who double-crossed him and reclaim the money he is owed.
A fabulously gifted thief, Doc McCoy (Baldwin) is double-crossed by accomplice Rudy (Michael Madsen, best known as the ear-hacking psycho in Reservoir Dogs) and winds up in a Mexican prison.
Nearby residents knew very well what they were doing when moving near an airport, but now they are crying foul as though they had been double-crossed.
TEKKEN's ultimate assassin, Nina Williams, stars in DEATH BY DEGREES as the voluptuous undercover operative sent to recover a stolen weapon from a disgruntled terrorist who double-crossed his own underground organization.
A NEUROTIC hit man is double-crossed by his colleagues and his penny-pinching wife in the comedy drama The Big Hit (Columbia Tristar Home Video, pounds 12.