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Synonyms for double-cross

Synonyms for double-cross

to be treacherous to

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

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A fabulously gifted thief, Doc McCoy (Baldwin) is double-crossed by accomplice Rudy (Michael Madsen, best known as the ear-hacking psycho in Reservoir Dogs) and winds up in a Mexican prison.
Nearby residents knew very well what they were doing when moving near an airport, but now they are crying foul as though they had been double-crossed.
TEKKEN's ultimate assassin, Nina Williams, stars in DEATH BY DEGREES as the voluptuous undercover operative sent to recover a stolen weapon from a disgruntled terrorist who double-crossed his own underground organization.
A NEUROTIC hit man is double-crossed by his colleagues and his penny-pinching wife in the comedy drama The Big Hit (Columbia Tristar Home Video, pounds 12.
Thus, it is no wonder that this legion of battered healers, all the while believing that society saw their service as a noble and moral pursuit, now feel double-crossed.
The hard-edged thriller stars Academy Award winner Gibson as a tough anti-hero who gets double-crossed, left for dead and now wants payback.
He double-crossed the DI and was double-crossed himself, only to - guess what - have the last laugh, sailing off to the horizon with his wife and, presumably, the loot.
He then receives a proposal from a Wall Street investment banker that gives him the chance to go out at the top, until he's double-crossed.
MP Sandra Osbourne said: "This came as a bolt from the blue and can only leave the workforce feeling double-crossed.
And she spoke of her heartbreak at being double-crossed by supposed island pal Richard Owen.
However, it is thought he was double-crossed and shot by dealers he had arranged to meet in the woods.
But it has emerged that O'Byrne had been double-crossed and lured into a false sense of security by the chief suspect in his killing.