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check once more to be absolutely sure

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Read and proofread the e-mail before you send it, which includes double-checking your grammar.
And - this is my final complaint - some double-checking (single-checking?
You should never act on advice without double-checking the adviser.
Furthermore, because the loan officers are not concerned about accuracy they focus on originating more loans instead of double-checking payments.
We anticipate that the revenues will be flat, but we're double-checking with the department heads to make sure we've got the most up-to-date information.
We at Sterling Services Company routinely test new cleaning materials and coatings, double-checking that all of the products we use comply with city, state, and federal laws, standards, and requirements.
With I/O Designer, our team has eliminated hours of time previously spent manually checking and double-checking the FPGA pinlist," said Arie Doorduin, electronic design engineer, Research and Development, Astron.
Her husband, Bernie, 55, added: ``We find ourselves double-checking locks on windows and doors.
At the end of this two-year project trial, we will have gone from double-checking to triple-checking our environmental performance.