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check once more to be absolutely sure

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A nurse would normally have it double-checked before administering it.
We double-checked it, and it turned out to be right.
The computer mammography program offers a second opinion, pointing out areas that should be double-checked before signing off on a patient's good health.
This was an entirely preventable accident had the bus driver double-checked his mirror before pulling away from the curb," explained Geoffrey S.
To earn the Double-Checked rating, individual crewmembers and aircraft must meet Wyvern's enhanced safety standards, which are significantly more stringent than the standards required by the FAA.
She arrived safely and went straight to the blood lab, where she double-checked samples to ensure that the marrow matched Amador's.
When Warren pawned his cameras, serial numbers on the equipment were checked and double-checked.
David watched the televised drawing on November 22, and then double-checked his winning numbers on the Pennsylvania Lottery's website, www.
Other scientists also said that the work will have to be double-checked by other researchers.
That," she said, "was after the City Electoral Board double-checked the machines' results.
So you turn to the computer terminal on the desk, and with a few taps on the flat-screen monitor, you have ordered a gourmet meal from room service, confirmed the start time for your favorite team's game and double-checked directions to the client's office -- all while listening to music from your favorite artist.
com special features include a list of items that should be double-checked with new roommates, like coffee makers and stereos to avoid duplicates in a small space.