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check once more to be absolutely sure

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In fact it was so simple I had to double-check and make sure I was doing it right," laughs Gordon Bentley, IT Director, AstroMed.
National Lottery players are now being urged to check and double-check their old tickets.
PC Safdar Ali from Redditch police said: "We want anyone who may have used this machine recently to be aware the device has been found and to double-check the transactions going through their bank or building society accounts.
National Lottery players are being urged to check and double-check their tickets because a prize of pounds 130,868 is yet to be claimed by someone in the Cardiff area.
Double-check these plans, tweak them if necessary, and then have the conviction to follow them.
In 1996 and 1997, interviewers telephoned each man to update his medical status, then called a family member to double-check the information.
Please take a moment to double-check the address to ensure prompt delivery.
TaskAnyone eases the burden of having to check and double-check if people have done what you've asked," states Greg Parker, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Task Solutions.
Administrators who do not double-check and correct data face "severe consequences," such as losing their jobs, says HISD spokesman Terry Abbott.
Instant replay would be used only to double-check whether a shot was released from a player's hand before the buzzer at the end of a quarter or game.
Anyone unsure of the regulations can double-check on 08705 763 763.
When sending a message, double-check your recipient's address.