double-breasted suit

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a suit with a double-breasted jacket

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Think the supper clubs of the mid-20th-century -- women in fancy frocks, guys in double-breasted suits, live jazz and lobster thermidor.
Nadir, 69, wore a blue double-breasted suit, perhaps slightly crumpled from his flight from Cyprus back to the UK on Thursday, with a silk handkerchief and latticed leather slip-on shoes.
Wearing a grey double-breasted suit and dark glasses, Taylor spoke confidently as he introduced himself to the three-judge panel as the 21st president of the Republic of Liberia.
Wearing a brown double-breasted suit, brown tie and dark glasses, Taylor sat impassively as he listened to Griffiths' opening statement.
M& S were selling suits, telling you you had to wear double breasted, two buttons, then everyone buys a double-breasted suit, changes one to three buttons - it's all about fashion, isn't it?
He is perfectly turned out in a double-breasted suit.
Told to get dressed for his trip to the police station, he soon emerged from his room dressed neatly in a double-breasted suit, fully buttoned.
THE double-breasted suit that Coventry City hero Keith Houchen wore to Wembley for the 1987 FA Cup final has been sold in an internet auction.
For eight hours a day, for seven days, Ian Thorley, in a double-breasted suit and holding a briefcase, stands as still as a statue, all in the name of art.
Sean Mosley, a student from California State University, Northridge, worked the tables in a navy double-breasted suit, hoping for a professional job.
Maybe have one double-breasted suit, and you should always have a classic navy blue blazer.
When Warren Beatty came out with Bonnie and Clyde, I got a double-breasted suit and the white tie
Air Force who saw his share of combat during a tour of duty in Da Nang, Vietnam, from 1969 to 1970, pinned the medals on his father's navy blue double-breasted suit.
And truly debonair men may opt for the incomparable double-breasted suit.
Murphy, of Tuckers Road, Faringdon, Oxon, and dressed in a blue double-breasted suit, blue shirt and tie, spoke only to confirm his name and address during the five-minute hearing.