double-breasted jacket

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a jacket having fronts that overlap enough for two separate rows of buttons

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At the London branch of Tussauds, the Poker Face singer appears in a Philip Treacy Telephone hat and a custom-made Giorgio Armani midnight blue suit with a double-breasted jacket, pagoda-style shoulders and flared trousers, which she wore on the Jonathan Ross show.
Fancy wearing a wool jumper (I trust it was wool and not a mix of manmade fabrics) over a shirt and tie, and then whipping on a double-breasted jacket.
Short Worthmore jacket, pounds 360; tuck strap skirt, pounds 165; Approach skirt, pounds 205; black belt, pounds 95; yellow canvas bondage boots, pounds 320; New Moon green bag, pounds 185 Code: cl040907fashion-18; Printed hooded sweat, pounds 240; low-rise trousers, pounds 195; Andreas man belt, pounds 150; double-breasted jacket, pounds 500 Code: cl040907fashion-17; Kaydee wears print dress, pounds 580; Empire bag, pounds 335; Neo bas relief pendant, pounds 120; Matthew wears Dog tooth suit, pounds 565; black striped shirt, pounds 225; Army Spungna boot, pounds 340; belt, pounds 70.
He always wore a double-breasted jacket and an ascot, and his nicely kept white hair gave him an impressive appearance, added Mr.
nAfter Graham Goode's showing on Saturday's Morning Line-unflinching in a brutal ensemble of stripey double-breasted jacket and assorted canary yellow accessories-isn't it time for a Channel 4 sartorial head-to-head between Goode and Countdown's Richard Whiteley to thrash it out once and for all?
Prices: Red crepe double-breasted jacket pounds 80, trousers pounds 40 and black rib polo-neck pounds 35.
He adds that this year, spring and summer suits feature natural colors such as sand, eggshell and mocha, and the popularity of the double-breasted jacket will continue.
For men, the three-button double-breasted jacket in navy, black or grey "is the future model in the business world," according to Steve Warner, western regional sales manager for Falcone.
The suit is made from England's finest Moxon flannel, the double-breasted jacket and pants are red and white striped along with Santa's top hat.
99, H&M; Blue double-breasted Per Una coat, PS99, Marks & Spencer; shearling scarf, PS50, Asos Pink cropped double-breasted jacket, PS49.
Highlighted by lead-singer Ryan Dooley's dogged insistence upon performing the entire set in the swelteringly hot and extremely murky room, wearing a thick double-breasted jacket and glasses that could readily have been prescribed to a cataract patient.
The double-breasted jacket also came with the accreditation card of John FC Bryce, a foreign correspondent on the North American Newspaper Alliance, which was signed by Fleming in his capacity as European vice-president.
The image of a man smiling in a boat surrounded by his friends, the classic white trousers and blue double-breasted jacket, the strict elegance of the military uniform and that certain sophisticated good taste have inspired Moschino's Creative Director Rossella Jardini for this Fall-Winter 11/12 season.
You can't go wrong with a classic white T-shirt or a white shirt and jeans Go to shops on the high street such as parts of Zara and Reiss Don't just opt for trainers, invest in a good pair of leather shoes Get some tassel loafers in any colour, leather or suede A double-breasted jacket is key Every guy should have a decent suit, I like Dior and you can find some good suits at Topman A Camel overcoat looks great Avoid logo sportswear - it looks dreadful Denim shirts look good on guys as well as women
A favorite shape was the ultra-full 1950s circle skirt, which he made up in felted wool, one version adorned with buttons like the front of a double-breasted jacket.