double-blind study

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an experimental procedure in which neither the subjects of the experiment nor the persons administering the experiment know the critical aspects of the experiment

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Investigators who enrolled 402 patients with bipolar I disorder in a 3-week and 6-week double-blind study compared quetiapine (400-600 mg/day) with lithium or divalproex, and placebo with lithium or divalproex (J.
The nationwide double-blind study of the effectiveness of daily use of a toothbrush sterilizer by the Pioneers represents a significant step forward in protecting the health of the nation.
Biogen Idec (Nasdaq:BIIB) today announced that it has initiated a Phase III randomized, double-blind study of an investigational anti-CD80 monoclonal antibody, galiximab, for patients with lymphoma.
The double-blind study showed the herbal remedy failed to affect the duration or severity of cold symptoms in the children.
In a double-blind study, 519 runners were randomized to receive either arnica or a placebo during the five days immediately following a long run.
In the March 30 New England Journal of Medicine, they report its success in a double-blind study involving 85 patients between the ages of 5 and 39.
b) ORION, a 24-month, randomised, double-blind study, used Morphology-Enhanced Probabilistic Plaque Segmentation (MEPPS) to segment and identify carotid plaque composition as depicted by high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in 43 subjects randomised to low or high dose rosuvastatin therapy.
The medical establishment would be less skeptical if the physiology of acupuncture treatment were better understood, and if were possible to perform a double-blind study in which neither the patient nor the doctor knows what treatment is being given until the study is complete and results are tallied.
The double-blind study, conducted at 10 university health centers, involved 815 otherwise healthy 2- to 12-year-olds infected with varicella-zoster, the herpesvirus responsible for chicken pox.
In his current double-blind study of the PROMETA protocol for the treatment of methamphetamine dependence, 84 subjects will be followed for 30 days, half of whom will receive the PROMETA protocol with the other half receiving placebo.
One large, double-blind study of beta carotene and vitamin A, for example, was stopped early because the supplements were associated with an increase in lung cancer and overall mortality.
An experimental device that emits a low-energy electromagnetic field beats counting sheep as a sleep aid, according to researchers who tested the novel technique in a double-blind study.
Lev's Phase III trial, designated CHANGE (C1-Inhibitor in Hereditary Angioedema Nanofiltration Generation evaluating Efficacy), is a multi-center, placebo-controlled, double-blind study designed to examine the efficacy of the Company's lead product candidate, nano-filtered C1-esterase inhibitor ("C1-INH").
Leyden has used the system to analyze skin imprints from 40 people in a double-blind study.